Who We Are

Exeter Bible Fellowship is a joint venture of Exeter Bible Church and the Calvary Bible Fellowship. Our mission is to be a Christ centered church developing disciples for reaching the lost locally and around the world for the Glory of God.

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9:00-10:00 Traditional worship service.
10:00-10:30 Fellowship, coffee, snacks in gym
10:30-11:30 Contemporary worship service, children’s church. 
6:30pm -  Prayer Meeting


Meet Our Team

Stan Lauterback, Pastor

Stan Lauterback, Pastor

Kevin Denlinger, Worship Director

Kevin Denlinger, Worship Director

Stan was born in NJ and graduated from Bloomsburg University with a degree in Computer Science.  He has an MBA from Wilkes University and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University.  Stan is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Strategic Leadership from Capital Seminary.  Stan has been married to his wife, Rosie, for 33 years.  They have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren with a fifth on the way.  When not spending time with family Stan enjoys reading, exercise and drinking coffee.  Not always in that order and sometimes in combination.  Stan has run 2 marathons, one with his wife and is contemplating if there is a third in his future.  Stan is deeply committed to seeing lives changed by the wonder of God's grace.

Kevin is the director of Worship and Arts for The Church at Exeter.  His heart’s desire is to help bring people into God’s presence through worship events and services. 
Kevin is married to Cindi who has 8 years of classical piano training and plays piano and keyboard in both worship services.  They have a son and daughter and three grandchildren. 
Before serving at TCAE, Kevin served in a number of churches 0mainly in the areas of Worship and Discipleship Training.  Kevin’s hobbies include playing piano, reading books theological topics, and I also love sports – including just about any sport that has a ball, but I would say that I “specialize” in golf and racquetball.

Additional Staff:

     Jen Keylor - Administrative Assistant
    Steve Groff - Director of Buildings and Grounds
     Katy Harding - Children's Ministry Director


Our Beliefs

The Bible is the Word of God, inspired and without error, and the final authority for faith and life. In one true and living God, existing in three co-equal and co-eternal persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), who has created all things out of nothing, and continues to sustain, provide, and rule all things to accomplish His purposes. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who added full humanity to His perfect deity, was born of a virgin, obeyed God perfectly, died for the sins of humanity, rose again, and ascended to the Father. The Holy Spirit is equally God and came from the Father and Son to complete and perfect in us all the works Jesus began, convicting of sin, forming Christ-like character, and gifting us for ministry. People were created in God's image (though that image is now marred), through Adam's sin all are sinners by nature, alienated from God, without ability to reconcile themselves to God apart from the work of Christ.

Salvation is the gift of God provided by His grace and received by those who have faith in Jesus and His finished work on the Cross which satisfied God's wrath against their sins and provided eternal righteousness and life.The Church, universally and locally, is a new people of God in which Christ has ultimate authority, is called together as Christ's followers to share the truth and love of Jesus with the world, and has been granted two practices (Baptism & Lord's Supper) to celebrate God's work.

In the personal and visible return of Jesus Christ, the establishment of His Millennial Kingdom, the bodily resurrection and final judgment of every person after which believers enter into eternal joy in God's presence and nonbelievers enter into endless suffering in hell apart from Him.